• “I LOVE IT! if I can only get that beat right!”
  • “The indestructible All@C”
  • “There ain’t no pleasing you – top favourite, sing it all day long!”
  • “You make us feel so cheerful”
  • “The whole uke experience has CHANGED MY LIFE, and how many other things can we say that about???? – vvvv few”
  • “[a few weeks and..] we began to feel rather proud of making what sounded like a tune! We have gone from strength to strength, and blimey do we have some fun, even our impediments, and we have quite a few, can float away when knocking out things like Delilah, or Country roads. I count this as one of the best things I have ever done in my life, and I am grateful to each and every one of my new uke family”
    (a founder member)
  • “I want you to pass on my thanks to all the members of the band. They were brilliant. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed them and loved their repertoire of wonderful songs. I’m sure you will play at the golf club again. From Captain of Bude Golf Club”
  • “It was our privilege to have you come to our party, you are by far the best entertainment around in my opinion! Your members are so enthusiastic and look like they’re really enjoying themselves. Absolutely brilliant!”  (Bude Memory Cafe)
  • “I’m writing to thank the Ukulele Band for their unique entertainment… It was much appreciated and provided just the right atmosphere” (Chairman of the PCC, St James the Great church)
  • “What a fantastic surprise, finding live music in the Castle grounds after all this time – it absolutely made our holiday”
  • “The feckful All@C….”