About Ukuleles

One of our most experienced members has written an excellent piece about the types of ukulele (ukes) and buying, learning and playing them. See it here or download a pdf version. For a quick read, see below with links to the original.

Types – ukes come in many sizes, from the ‘normal’ smallish soprano to the large bass, with many between; they vary in playability (think pudgy fingers) and tone, also some have different tuning. They can cost as little as £15 up to a few hundred (with esoterica costing £1000s). Most of our members buy at the bottom end of that range, although – like wine – paying a little more than the minimum pays great dividends! For more.

Playing – the uke is easier to learn than the guitar (smaller, lighter, four strings vs six, normally) and you can get by with just three chords. Most models can be strung right handed or left handed. Although simple to start with, this is a real musical instrument that can produce sophisticated sounds in the right hands! To download a chord_chart (new version – July 2021). For more.

Choosing – working out what to want is confusing, there is an enormous variety of online advice sites, sometimes conflicting. Facebook searches can be brilliant. Try www.gotaukulele.com or For more

Learning – many of our members started from scratch. All of our members are delighted to help newcomers;  sadly we can’t offer lessons but you can of course buy a book or look online, where there are some great tutors e.g. www.youtube.com/user/TheUkuleleTeacher. For more

Buying – the normal choice between buying in a shop or online – with the inevitable balance between price, choice and advice. For ukes the situation is a little more complex – buying from a shop (or an online specialist) will also bring you an instrument that has been checked, adjusted and tuned. Musicroom in Exeter has the widest choice locally, but there are also music shops in Barnstaple, Bodmin, Truro etc. Southern Ukulele Stores in Bournemouth have a great bricks and online shop. For more

So, choose, buy, learn, come along and have great fun!