Bude’s Ukulele All Stars Band of rocking pensioners (supporting the wonderful SW Air Ambulance)

To wander through our site just scroll down to find out more about us and what we do, or contact us if you think you might like to join. Or else, if you’d like us to entertain your friends, residents or organisation, contact gigs@all-at-c.rocks in the first instance.

Goodness, we could never afford them! do I hear you cry?  But don’t worry – we don’t charge a fee to perform, we simply invite you to put as handsome a donation as you can in our Air Ambulance collecting bucket.

SUMMER 2022 

The hot news is… All@C just performed our 100th gig (see videos)!!  Five and a half years since inception, with more than two of those spent virtually in isolation and playing together only via a small computer screen in the corner.  In 2016 just two of the founding group of six knew a very few chords, but the rest simply wanted to try a new hobby… and now we’re being invited to top the bill at the fantastic Kilkhampton Platinum Jubilee fete!  The organisers had the sunniest, happiest afternoon for the celebration, which was enjoyed every bit as much as all the jollity for Her Majesty in London.  You can get a taste of our version of ‘Runaway’ on the Galleries page.

Now there’s more, much more to come!  I’m glad to say that we have an active programme of summer bookings including supporting some of the open air theatre productions at Ebbingford Manor, the Bude Heritage Fair, the Holsworthy Memory Cafe and more.  You may even find us on the Bandstand now and then, peering myopically at the words on our reflective device screens if it’s a sunny day!  Below is a memory from the winter – remember the winter? – when we braved the terrace outside the hospitable Falcon Hotel, and played with great enthusiasm for absolutely no passers-by, but our own enormous pleasure as usual.


Yet another enjoyable gig in the welcoming Terrace of the Falcon Hotel, Bude
22nd Dec 2021

….performing (part of) ‘This Little Light of Mine!’


All@C, and any smaller group of its members, are covered by Private Liability Insurance to perform and practise in any public space, on the basis that they will comply with Social Distancing and all Covid-19 regulations generally.


In autumn 2016 a tiny group of pensioners decided, with some trepidation but inspired by the U3A ethos of ‘lifelong learning’, to learn to play a new musical instrument. Today, five years later, All@C have become, if not a global then certainly a local phenomenon, with a repertoire of over a hundred well loved songs and a track record of performance at street festivals, the Memory Café, nursing homes and the theatre stage.

Without question it’s been ‘a journey’! and one of wonderful discoveries – joyful music, new friendships and un-dreamed of fun – but the best one is that singing along with this little instrument makes us feel great, and does the same for our audience.

We perform always in aid of the fantastic, invaluable Cornwall Air Ambulance, and instead of a fee we invite your generous donations in our trusty bucket to help support this most deserving of charities, so vital to all of us who live in the West Country.  Up until Covid-19 struck we had raised over £2500… while we were just having fun!  This was our first certificate:

If you’d like to find out more, come along to a rehearsal and say hello.  You will need to have your own ukulele – we don’t offer lessons – also an idea of some basic chords, and bags of enthusiasm.  Decent instruments can be obtained for as little as £15; you can spend much more, or borrow a small child’s. See the ukulele page for more information.

After a few visits practising with us you can progress to full membership, if you and we decide that we can’t be without each other.  Until then we would ask that you make a contribution of £2 a week towards the hire of our rehearsal space.


Rehearsals – in normal times we meet for rehearsals every Wednesday morning at Launcells parish hall in the village of Grimscott, from 10.30 till 12 o’clock.  Distancing is observed and we keep the hall very well ventilated throughout.

Gigs – are mostly in the Bude area, and mostly during the day. To arrange a gig, why not check with our gigmaster to ensure availability.

Membership – There is an annual fee, currently £25, which covers our costs including hire of rehearsal space. There is nothing further to pay except travelling costs to gigs. There is no uniform to buy, although a hat with sequins is always desirable, not to mention a Hawaiian shirt (I said not to mention a Hawaiian shirt…)


So, whether you already play like a pro or want to play better, or possibly even move to the ukulele from the guitar or mandolin, why not come along to a rehearsal and see if you might enjoy our kind of music? We all find it rewarding, great fun and amazingly good for both physical and mental health, so you probably will too. Contact us now!


All@C Events in 2022

Thu 18th AugBandstand (11am - 12) - Thu
Sat 20th AugBude carnival Bandstand (3.30 - 4.15) - Sat
Thu 25th AugBandstand (11am - 12) - Thu
Thu 1st SepBandstand (11am - 12) - Thu
Thu 8th SepCAMEO outreach Poughill (12.30 for lunch ) - Thu
Wed 14th SepExercise for Mobility Hawaiian tea party (2.30pm) - Wed
Thu 15th SepBandstand (11am - 12) - Thu
Mon 28th NovHolsworthy Memory Cafe tea (2.15 pm 45 mins + tea) - Mon
Fri 16th DecMemory cafe Christmas party (2.05 pm for 1 hour) - Fri


  • All@C, and any smaller group of its members, are covered by Private Liability Insurance to perform and practise in any public space.
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    • “I LOVE IT! if I can only get that beat right!”
    • “The indestructible All@C”
    • “There ain’t no pleasing you – top favourite, sing it all day long!”
    • “You make us feel so cheerful”
    • “The whole uke experience has CHANGED MY LIFE, and how many other things can we say that about???? – vvvv few”
    • “[a few weeks and..] we began to feel rather proud of making what sounded like a tune! We have gone from strength to strength, and blimey do we have some fun, even our impediments, and we have quite a few, can float away when knocking out things like Delilah, or Country roads. I count this as one of the best things I have ever done in my life, and I am grateful to each and every one of my new uke family”
      (a founder member)
    • “I want you to pass on my thanks to all the members of the band. They were brilliant. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed them and loved their repertoire of wonderful songs. I’m sure you will play at the golf club again. From Captain of Bude Golf Club”
    • “It was our privilege to have you come to our party, you are by far the best entertainment around in my opinion! Your members are so enthusiastic and look like they’re really enjoying themselves. Absolutely brilliant!”  (Bude Memory Cafe)
    • “I’m writing to thank the Ukulele Band for their unique entertainment… It was much appreciated and provided just the right atmosphere” (Chairman of the PCC, St James the Great church)
    • “What a fantastic surprise, finding live music in the Castle grounds after all this time – it absolutely made our holiday”
    • “The feckful All@C….”

    About Ukuleles

    One of our most experienced members has written an excellent piece about the types of ukulele (ukes) and buying, learning and playing them. See it here or download a pdf version. For a quick read, see below with links to the original.

    Types – ukes come in many sizes, from the ‘normal’ smallish soprano to the large bass, with many between; they vary in playability (think pudgy fingers) and tone, also some have different tuning. They can cost as little as £15 up to a few hundred (with esoterica costing £1000s). Most of our members buy at the bottom end of that range, although – like wine – paying a little more than the minimum pays great dividends! For more.

    Playing – the uke is easier to learn than the guitar (smaller, lighter, four strings vs six, normally) and you can get by with just three chords. Most models can be strung right handed or left handed. Although simple to start with, this is a real musical instrument that can produce sophisticated sounds in the right hands! To download a chord_chart (new version – July 2021). For more.

    Choosing – working out what to want is confusing, there is an enormous variety of online advice sites, sometimes conflicting. Facebook searches can be brilliant. Try www.gotaukulele.com or For more

    Learning – many of our members started from scratch. All of our members are delighted to help newcomers;  sadly we can’t offer lessons but you can of course buy a book or look online, where there are some great tutors e.g. www.youtube.com/user/TheUkuleleTeacher. For more

    Buying – the normal choice between buying in a shop or online – with the inevitable balance between price, choice and advice. For ukes the situation is a little more complex – buying from a shop (or an online specialist) will also bring you an instrument that has been checked, adjusted and tuned. Musicroom in Exeter has the widest choice locally, but there are also music shops in Barnstaple, Bodmin, Truro etc. Southern Ukulele Stores in Bournemouth have a great bricks and online shop. For more

    So, choose, buy, learn, come along and have great fun!

    Contact Us

    For More Information
    To discuss joining or popping into a rehearsal:
    contact Lindsey at 07827 813085 or md@all-at-c.rocks.
    To arrange a Gig: please contact our Gigmeister, Maggi, at gigs@all-at-c.rocks.